January 24, 2010

Beaded component: bead cap, dangle earring, stud earring

This is a very versatile component. Easy to make and only use 4 crystal beads. I showed you how to make 4 variations with this component in the second video: as an earring dangler, a bead cap and a stud earring. You can also use it as the center piece of a ring by adding ring band around it. I used very small size beads for this project because it looks delicate and more like silver and diamond this way. You can use bigger beads to make bigger pieces and different color combination to make a fun piece.

Main Component:
4 3mm bicone swarovski crystal bead (black diamond AB)
Tiny seed beads in matt silver, faceted cut
15cm fishing line

Additional materials for dangle earrings:
Jump rings
Earring hooks
Bigger Beads (>6mm)

Additional material when use as a bead cap:
Bigger beads (>6mm)
Head pins
Earring hooks

Additional material for stud earrings:
Eye pins
Earring backings
Jewelry glue or thin wire

Wire cutter
Round nose pliers

Additional tutorials to support the above projects:
How to make earrings
How to make earring hooks
How to make jump rings

January 11, 2010

A Little Bag with Heart

This is a variation of the little bags. I used plastic bicone beads here and the quality of those beads are not that that good. The "heart" will turn out better if you use Swarovski crystal beads which provide more precise cuts.

40 3mm Bicone bead (white/transparent)
3 3mm Bicone bead (red)
50cm Fishing line

January 1, 2010

Another Easy Beaded Heart

This is the same pattern as the butterfly but without the seed beads. Instead of putting the pieces side by side I put one on top of the other here to make a heart shape.

20 4 mm Fire Polished Glass Beads (jet AB)
8 4 mm bicone beads (jet)
A few size 11 seed beads

2 15 cm fishing lines for the main parts
1 20 cm fishing line for the side

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