May 20, 2009

Easy Four-Petals Flower Ring Band

Super easy ring to make. Try using different color, shape or size of beads for different effect.

12 4mm Fire Polished Glass Beads (Jet Black AB)
Size 11 seed beads (Jet Black)
Approx. 30 cm fishing line

May 16, 2009

How to Make a Simple Bag with Beads

The bag is made up of whole bunch of cross stitches. I used 4mm seed beads here. It would look much nicer with bicone crystal beads. If you make the body of the bag bigger and not closing the bottom nor adding the handle you'll have a ring.

Top color (green/silver lined transparent) - 24 4mm beads
Bottom color (purple/blue) - 35 4mm beads
Handle and decoration - tiny seed beads Charlotte Cut

Variation: I used size 11 seed beads to make the black and white bag. It turns out to be super cute. For the last step, instead of adding beads between the white beads to fill the gap I thread the fishing line through the white beads and tie the ends together to create a "gathered" effect.

May 12, 2009

How to make a Puffy Heart - 2nd try

Puffy Heart is a difficult piece to demonstrate. I'm giving it a second try by using different colors of beads for each section of the heart. Hope the instruction is clearer this time. I accidentally deleted the instruction for the first section so I am re-using the video from the previous tutorial.

76 bicone beads(I'm using 6mm bicone plastic beads in this video. I used 4mm bicone swarovski crystal beads in the previous video)

100cm fishing line for the first 3 sections

50cm fishing line for the last section

A few beads to fill the heart if you want a puffier heart. Use 8-10mm round beads if you use 6mm bicone beads. 5-6mm round beads for 4mm bicone beads.

Section 1 (re-using video from previous tutorial)

Section 2

Section 3

Section 4

May 9, 2009


Basic Cross Stitch with more than 1 row

Basic Cross Stitch

Basic round shape

Adding bail to a pendant:

Adding ring band to a ring:

May 7, 2009


My husband named this ring "Phoenix". Guess the colors remind him of a phoenix. It looks complicated but actually quite easy to make. Just need patience. I'm planning to do a tutorial in the near future.

How to make a Penguin with Beads

This penguin is sooooo cute and quite easy to make. I found the pattern here. It's basically a beaded ball with eyes, beak, feet, wings and a tail.

25 bicone crystal beads 4mm (blue)
5 bicone crystal beads 4mm (white opal)
3 bicone crystal beads 4mm (yellow)
1 bicone crystal bead 5mm (blue)
2 round plastic beads 3mm (black)
approx. 1 meter fishing line

May 5, 2009

How to make a Spiral Wire Wrapped Component

This is a very easy and fast way to wrap wire around a round object. The pen does all the hard work. And you don't need a bead with holes to make a beading component.

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