June 28, 2009

How to make an Angel with Beads

I thought the beads I used for the wings were called dagger beads. But upon closer look, dagger beads are straight but the beads I used are slightly curved. I'm not sure what they're called. Heart shape or leaf shape beads would work as long as the hole of the bead is on the flat side of the bead. You can also replace the skirt with cone shape beads. Try different combination of beads for fun results.

1 6mm roundell crystal bead
2 6mm round pearl beads
3 4mm bicone crystal beads
2 8mm leaf/heart shape beads (for the wings)
1 4mm diamond crystal
6 3x6mm rice shape pearl beads, size 11 seed beads

1 head pin
2 15 cm fishing lines

June 26, 2009

How to make a Doggie Head with Beads

This doggie head was done by connecting a front piece (the one with eyes and nose) and a back piece with whole bunch of cross stitches like how we assemble the Cross. I used a cell phone lanyard that has lobster claw clasp to clip on the bead. You can add jump ring to it to make charm and pendant or sting a ring band from the side to make a ring.

Head: 41 4mm bicone crystal beads
Ears: 14 4mm bicone crystal beads
Eyes and Nose: 3 4mm round beads
Fishing lines:
3 x 20cms for front and back pieces and connecting the two pieces
2 x 10cm for ears

June 20, 2009

How to Make a Star with Beads

I am demonstrating this star using seed beads. You can use bugle beads instead of seed beads for the sides of the points like the white one below. Also try using different color for the core like the blue-and-white star below. I used 3mm beads in bicone shape for the blue-and-white star and used only 2 beads for each side of the point instead of 3.

Core: 15 beads
Points: 65 beads
Fishing Line: 40 cm (if you use size 11 seed beads)

June 17, 2009

How to make a Treble Clef with Wire

Only take 2 mins to make. Add a jump ring to make it a pendant or add to earring hooks to make earrings. Attach to scrapbooks, greeting cards . . .

20 gauge or thicker wire
Round nose pilers
Wire cutter

June 9, 2009

How to make a Double-Flower Ring

This is a classic beaded ring pattern. Looks great in monochromatic color scheme.

15 4mm bicone crystal beads (Pacific Opal)
Size 11 seed beads (transparent light blue with copper center)
60 cm fishing line

Check here for instruction on how to add ring band to the ring

June 1, 2009

How to Make the "Phoenix" Ring

These videos will show you how to make Phoenix's sister "Iris" :). Technique is the same for Phoenix, just different color combination.


Fishing line approximately 1.5 meters

Size 11 seed beads
Iris: Purple (metallic), Light Tangerine, Light Lime (AB), Green (AB)

Phoenix: Blue (metallic), Orange (sliver-lined), Topaz(silver-lined), Red

Note: I mistakenly mentioned tangerine in a few spots while narrating instruction for the last row. For the last row, the left side sequence should be lime-green-lime (no tangerine).

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