December 13, 2009

A Beaded Christmas Tree

I made this Christmas tree in white. You can easily change it to a more colorful version by using green bicone and bugle beads and seed beads in different colors. I didn't use Swarovski crystal beads for this project. I used some crystal-like glass beads that are fraction of the cost of Swarovski crystals. The cutting of these crystal beads are not as precise as Swarovski but still do the job well.

30 4mm bicone crystal beads (opal)
15 6mm bugle beads (white)
size 11 seed beads (silver-lined)
4 4mm crystal cubes (opal ab)
1 4mm crystal rondelle beads
Fishing line - approximate 15 cm for each layer
1 2.5"head pin

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